Notification System

Choose a notification system if data needs to be under your control at all time, and you wish to use your own dedicated lines.

RapidReach Brochure - General overview

RapidReach Data Sheet - Lists features
and functionalities


RapidReach Demo shows you step by step how a call-out is defined and activated. 



Advantages with a system


Available systems



  • Full control at any time and at any point in the communication process

  • All information is kept locally

  • Immediate access at any time

  • Easy integration with external systems

  • Extensive use leads to lower costs (some customers use their RapidReach systems up to 200 times a day!)

RapidReach Standard

Stand-alone, single user system.

RapidReach Professional

Multi-user network system
enabling user to i
nterface with external systems.

RapidReach Options

The modular design of RapidReach allows you to add options at any time. Find out more >>