Staffing Notification Service

Staffing Service Sheet

This Staffing Service presentation shows you how a call-out is activated >>


Contact your backup personnel with a few clicks of the mouse. If you need replacements on short notice to fill in at schools, hospitals, restaurants, or assembly lines, you can contact them quickly and automatically without sitting on the phone.





How does it work?






  • Support for mobile phones, touch tone telephones, SMS, fax and email.

  • Substitutes organized in groups according to skills

  • Secondary substitutes.

  • Predefined call-outs (scenarios) for immediate activation.

  • Remote activation of scenarios via touch tone telephone.


RapidReach Staffing Service requires no additional hardware. 

Subscribe to the Staffing Service on a yearly basis and reserve required number of call units in blocks of
500 up to 25 000. You decide what priority is assigned to your calls - Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Prices start at $1,240 including 500 call units. If you would like to be contacted, fill out this form >>