RapidReach Emergency Notification Service




Database & - Personnel data structured in groups
messages - An unlimited number of individuals in each group
- Import of personnel data via text delimited files or MS Excel
- An unlimited number of messages stored
- Messages can be transmitted as voice and text*
- Text-to-Speech message creation, or call in for recording speech
- Available in US and British English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Swedish and more


- Predefined call-outs (scenarios) for quicker activation
- Define call-outs at the time of activation
- An unlimited number of scenarios can be created
- Activate a scenario remotely via a touch tone phone
- Run several scenarios simultaneously
- All responses and response codes are user defined
- Lucid presentation of call-out status, start/stop times, person being called etc.
- Support for touch tone landline & mobile phones, beepers, alpha pagers*, fax* and email*
- An unlimited number of contact alternatives/numbers can be defined
- Automated e-mail* or fax* distribution of call-out reports
Security - Individual PIN-codes and passwords (optional)
- Password protected access
- User access levels
    - Access to your account through a secure SSL connection
*) Service option