Notification Services


Choose RapidReach Service if you don't want to install extra hardware or maintain your own phone lines. 
RapidReach Services is a subscription solution suitable for both small scale and large scale call-outs.
Access ENS WEB from any Web Browser.


The subscriber can store all information locally and
keep sensitive data in house. Updating the database is quick and easy regardless of your Internet connection. A subscriber can also store the data offsite, so that the data can be accessed regardless of local breakdowns.


Advantages with a Service


Available Service Clients




  • No system maintenance

  • No dedicated computers

  • No extra costs for communication lines                       and resources

  • Subscription cost is based on usage



Simplified user interface for emergency response. Call lists of individuals or groups.


Simplified user interface for locating replacement personnel and substitutes.


Fully featured notification tool. Functionality similar to RapidReach system.