RapidReach can be used in a number of ways in places such as army bases and air force bases. RapidReach simplifies administration and allows you to quickly call in military units and emergency staff when the situation demands it.



In the military RapidReach allows you to:


  • build and maintain personnel databases

  • verify unit readiness

  • monitor and control all call out activities in a secure system

  • conduct unit recalls and base wide announcements

  • maintain a starting platform for a "chain of command"

  • notify officers and support personnel about emergency situations

  • keep officers and staff updated on resent developments

  • inform external organisations and authorities about incidents

  • control who accesses the system, or receives messages by multiple levels of password control

  • clearly document receipt of messages and all responses

Benefits by using RapidReach in the military:

  • The communication process is significantly speeded

  • Units respond more quickly

  • Desk officers are promptly informed

  • Operations personnel can fully document and easily test all lists

  • New personnel can easily be trained to operate recalls

  • All personnel get the intended information

  • Operators can focus on other urgent tasks

  • Problems related to the human factor are reduced

  • With RapidReach you can prevent an incident from developing into a disaster

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