What is RapidReach?


Who uses it?






RapidReach is an automated notification tool that enables you to contact many people simultaneously with just a few commands on your computer. RapidReach distributes messages to people via phone, pager, fax, and e-mail, and registers all responses. RapidReach is PC-based and uses multiple phone lines. 


RapidReach is primarily used in emergency situations, but can also handle time-consuming routine communications. Operators in communications centres, control rooms, and operations centres worldwide rely on it. RapidReach can be found in a wide range of  industries.



What are the benefits?


System or Service?


RapidReach is fast - It dramatically reduces the time it takes to reach emergency response units, customers, neighbours, etc.


RapidReach is available both as a System and as a Service. The System is installed at the customer's site, whereas the Service utilizes servers that are housed at an ENERA location. 

Some organisations prefer
full control, full flexibility, and minimum dependencies on external organizations. These customers prefer a system. For a demonstration download our RapidReach system multimedia demo.

Other organisations prefer
a minimum of hardware, network maintenance and investment. These customers choose a service. Take a look at the RapidReach Emergency Service Presentation.

In some cases a combination of both may be the best solution. For those companies who would like to try RapidReach it is possible to start out with a service subscription and, if the need grows, upgrade to a system at a later stage.


RapidReach is reliable - It helps avoid confusion during notifications due to the fact that all call-outs can be defined in advance.

RapidReach is practical - It frees personnel from placing numerous calls and from registering all events during a call-out.

RapidReach is flexible - It allows you to define call-outs for every possible kind of incident.

RapidReach is easy to use - Its user interface is intuitive and clear.

RapidReach is a safe investment - It does not only use proven technology but it is also updated regularly to take into account any changes in the IT environment.

In short, RapidReach helps you save lives, time, assets and money.