RapidReach Business Continuity


What our customers say



RapidReach is the automated notification solution for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. After a crisis RapidReach helps you resume normal business as quickly as possible!


“The cascade system is only as strong as it’s weakest link. If your key people at or near the top of your call cascade cannot be reached, the result is that their contacts and subsequent teams cannot not be reached either. This in itself is indeed a crisis. RapidReach solved it for us by calling all the staff simultaneously, or as simultaneously as our multiple lines will handle.”
Prudential Insurance, Great Britain


"We have tested RapidReach with call-outs to our recovery teams and have simulated a complete staff relocation to a hot-site. Thanks to RapidReach these exercises went well and much faster than our previous, manual notification exercises. In a real crisis, this would save us a lot of time and most likely a lot of money."
A bank based in Great Britain




In Business Continuity RapidReach allows you to:


  • sustain production processes

  • call in key personnel and business continuity teams

  • inform corporate management

  • inform external organisations

  • start an operation in a "hot site" location

Benefits by using RapidReach for Business Continuity:

  • The communication process is speeded up significantly.

  • People will respond more quickly.

  • All personnel get the intended information.

  • Operators can focus on other urgent tasks.

  • Problems related to the human factor are reduced.

System or Service?

We do both! You can purchase either a RapidReach System or subscribe to the RapidReach Service. If you are not sure which is better for you, click here.